How to Apply Online Nepal Police Report-ICT Sewa

This article guides you how to apply for Nepal Police report online. Steps to get police clearance certificate. online.

The Nepal Police provides the Certificate of Character to the local and foreign national’s citizens for Different purposes. Nepal Police has ended the obligation to wait in line for hours to get a police report. Now, the service recipients can create police reports by filling out the online form from home.
online Nepal police report

How To Apply Online Nepal Police Report

For getting police reports by anyone who fills out the form which is available on Nepal Police websites. After that, as per the demand, the service recipient has to fill in the details in different stages.
After filling in all the details in a given form online as requested in the form. After registering all the subjects as per the demand, the service recipient gets the application number. After three days of filling the form online, the service recipients will be able to get the original report from the conduct branch of the central office of Nepal Police.

Required Document before apply

For Nepalese citizens in Nepal

A) Scan a Copy of your Passport.
B) Copy of citizenship place 1.
C) In the situation of marriage, scan a copy of the marriage registration.
D) Passport size of color photo 1

For Nepalese citizens living abroad

A) Copy of the following page of the passport 1/1:
  • Pages No. 2, 3, and 31.
  • The page with Nepal Immigration Departure Stamp when leaving Nepal for the last time.
B) Citizenship card scan copy 1

C) In the situation of marriage, scan a copy of the marriage registration card.

D) Passport size color photo 1.

Step-by-Step To Fill Online Form

Step: 1

If you want to apply online to get a police report first you have to go to register at to apply for Police Report Online. Then enter the first name, last name, gender, mobile number, email address, and given Catchy and click on the Register tab.

opcr login page

nepal police report

police report register

Step: 2

When you register successfully then you have got a temporary password which you have changed later in your email address. Log in again using the same password. Then you need to change the password to the new password you want.

police report registration process

opcr email

opcr temporary password

Step: 3

After completing the above process, the interface will open as shown in the picture. There you fill in all the information mentioned in the form and go to next. Note that your photo should be Wide: 3.5 cm and Height: 4.5 cm.

temporary password changed

opcr photo size

opcr form

Step: 4

Now fill in your permanent address, current address, and country of departure, also fill in your relative's contact number and click next.

opcr form details

Step: 5

Then you get the interface as shown in the picture. Fill in the scanned copy of your citizenship and passport by filling in the required information.

report documents

Step: 6

Then, if you have been involved in any criminal activity in your life, fill in the fields and click Next.

opcr criminals records

Step: 7

Now you can preview all your information which you had fill-in form details and scan a copy of your documents. If all the information filled in is correct then submit. After doing so, your application is submitted. After the application is submitted, you can see the interface as shown in the picture. Now you can get the police report after 3 days. If not, you can get it with reasons for rejection.

opcr preview

opcr overviews documents

opcr final report

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