What is Internet of Things and its Areas ? Examples for IOT-ICT Sewa

Learn about internet of things? Area of internet Things Examples are 3D Printer, Agriculture, Intermodal transport designer, Medical robot designer.
Today the world is running in the 21st century. The world is considered the age of information technology. With the development of technologies in the field of science, many things have become possible in the world. 

In this Post, you may Learn about the internet of things. Area of internet of different various fields or sectors. Internet Things Examples like various areas of 3D Printer, Agriculture, Intermodal transport design, Medical robot designer, and Wearable Tech Designer.
Internet of things
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Internet of Things(IoT):

When the internet of things comes to information technology and science internet cannot be separated.AI and machine learning has become a reality nowadays due to the revolution taking plan the field of technology education.

The Internet has played a huge role in the development of technology. The Internet has established itself as an integral part of technology. The technology is used for conducting every work in every field at any time. Although, internet of things means getting various facilities on hand and other hand problems also come from it. 

As the Internet of Things continues to evolve, so do employment opportunities in various sectors. Internet of Things are devices with different identities connected to the Internet network, which can interact with many other networks. It has created new sectors and many new employment opportunities in the world economy.

The Internet of Things Has created employment opportunities in the following areas.

1.3D printers

  • 3D printing is also called active manufacturing. This is the process of creating a solid object from a digital file. 3D prints objects through an additive process.
  • 3D printing technology has been in vogue for many years. However, due to the current advanced technology, more advanced features have been added to it.
  • The model of any object is created on the computer and it is taken by the 3D printer. He then prints the items by letter. When printing in this way, items are usually printed on plastic.
  • Bubblehead toys, prostheses, and guns are made with the help of 3D printers. Or you can create objects in 3D in any shape you want from this printer.
  • Engineers abandon the traditional production style and use 3D printing to create shapes of complex objects using less material.
  • 3D printing is also part of the Internet of Things. It requires the internet for printing. The 3D printer is a unique feature of the Internet of Things. It has also created new employment opportunities for the people.

2. Agricultural Technologist

Agricultural technologists work on how to maximize food from animals and plants. Technologists are provided with complete knowledge about crops, soil, and animal husbandry. Agriculture technologists have done a thorough study of how to produce the best using the Internet of Things. For this, the technologist needs data. Therefore, a soil moisture sensor is used to test the fertility of the soil.

In addition, there is a nutritional sensor. Tractors are also used for livestock. If an animal becomes ill, the manager can detect it immediately through the tracker. There are also sensors for milk production and quality testing. In this way, measures can be taken to increase production capacity by taking data from the agricultural sector through the internet.

3. Intermodal Transport Designer

Intermodal transport is the transportation of goods from a container. The container is a large metal box and it is square to make it easy to move from the sip to the truck. Prolonged travel in such boxes reduces the chances of groups breaking up and being stolen.

But the internet of things has made it even safer. Containers can be monitored from the network during the journey from start to finish. System design and adjustment should be done for such a system. This makes the inspection of containers more effective.

The container tracking system can be used to track not only the goods but also the speed of the vehicle, fuel consumption, and the temperature of the container. In this way, the internet of things has made freight shipping more efficient and responsive.

4. Medical robot designer

For years, doctors have used robots for medical purposes, including regular surgery. Medical robots include surgical tools that work under the command of simple robotics systems, sensors, and software. Well-designed and well-deployed robots help to improve the quality of hospitals, reduce costs and provide better services to patients.

In the next four to five years, most surgeries will be well under control. Surgeons will become the operating managers operating the robots for the safety of the patients. These robots will also be connected to other products through the local network and the Internet. Cameras, video screens, microphones, and speakers will also be included in the system. 

To build this medical robot, robot designers need to have advanced skills in mechanical engineering, electrical systems, and computer software.

5. Wearable Tech Designer

Nowadays small sensors and accessories including batteries and sweat electronics are widely used. All the companies have included all these things in the variable technology. More than 70 percent of people prefer to use wearable technology. Fitness-related products are a good example of wearable tech. A Fitbit bracelet that tracks how long or how many steps you have walked.

In addition, heart rate, calorie burning, and smartphone information can also be taken from it. The tracker tracks movements and puts them in software for review. If there is a wrong position in it, the sensor will bring vibration to the tech.

Jewelry can be purchased now, which periodically provides information about new messages and heart rates. It can also communicate with devices such as smartphones and music players. Tech designers need to be up to date with the latest mobile computing technology to create such tech. This is also the Internet of Things. Which has created new employment opportunities.


This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work by enabling automation, real-time insights, and data-driven decision-making. The IoT works by connecting different devices and allowing them to communicate and transfer data with each other and with central servers. These devices have sensors and actuators that collect and process data, and then transmit this data to other devices, where it can be analyzed and used to make decisions.


Q: What are the benefits of IoT?

A: IoT evolves a lot of benefits like automation, real-time insights, and data-driven decision-making Connecting devices and enabling them to exchange data, It can make our lives more convenient and efficient.

Q: Are there any concerns about IoT?

A: Some concerns about IoT include data security and privacy, as well as the potential for devices to malfunction or be hacked. However, as IoT technology continues to advance, efforts are being made to address these concerns.

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