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Learn about the features of algorithms with examples. This article covers the basics of algorithms, including inputs, outputs, and control structures.

Algorithms are an important part of the field of information technology. An algorithm is a set of instructions used to solve complex problems. Algorithms are used in various fields of life such as medicine, and engineering. In this article, we will explore the definition of algorithms, features, and structure of algorithm’s input, and output.

feature of algorithm

What an algorithm is?

The algorithm is pre-programmed into a programming language. Algorithms are designed to solve problems step by step In Programing language.

For example, suppose you had to go office. We have a lot of work to do before we even arrive. First of all, you may get out of bed and you may find yourself running around to get everything prepared on time. If you have not prepared in time then you may call the office number for late. If the phone is off, you have to switch it On. After the phone is turned on, you need to dial the office you want to call. After dialing the phone number, you have to say for late arrival like that.

If we forget one of the series, the office work cannot be completed. To solve that, we have to follow all the ways in order. This job is a group of serial processes that we have to follow that is called an algorithm.

Now let's learn about the features of the Algorithm because the algorithm contains all the necessary features.

Key Features of Algorithm inputs.

  • Inputs of an Algorithm:

A specific algorithm always takes specific input. A better input algorithm gives better results. The algorithm takes input from the user and processes a subject. The input can be of many types. It takes numbers, pictures, and objects as input and gives output by setting rules.

For example, consider the sorting algorithm and the Search algorithm. which takes a list of elements and a value to shorting and search for as input and outputs the index of the value if it is found.

  • Outputs of an Algorithm:

The output of an algorithm is the result of the processing of the input data. Output can be in many forms, such as numbers, strings, lists, or objects. An algorithm produces an output based on the rules applied to the input.

For example, consider the addition algorithm, which takes two numbers as input and produces their sum as output.

  • To be limited: 

Algorithms complete work in less time consumes and perform better. There are always series attached to it.

  • Definitely defined: 

To easily read every sequence of algorithms is definitely defined. So it is also a feature of the algorithm to define all the way concretely.

  • Efficacy: 

Algorithms always have to solve problems. That is liable to possess or display to increase the effectiveness of the algorithm.

  • Clarity: 

Features of algorithms are always needed to be accurate and clear. From which some meaning of the lines and numbers could be introduced.

Control Structures of an Algorithm:

An algorithm's control structures are the flow of rules that the algorithm follows. Algorithms have three types of control structures which are sequence, selection, and iteration.

A sequence is the simplest control structure, where operations are executed one after the other in a specific order. Selection involves making decisions based on conditions. If the condition is true, the algorithm executes one set of operations, and if it is false, it executes another set of operations. Iteration involves repeating a set of operations until a condition is met.

Example of Algorithm:

Let's take a look at an example of an algorithm in action. Consider the following algorithm for finding the maximum element in a list:

Set max to the first element of the list. For each element in the list. If the element is greater than max, set max to the element.

Return max.

Input: [14, 12, 18, 15, 11, 19]
In this algorithm, we set the variable max to the first element of the list, which is

Now let's find out where is algorithms used?

We may know, To Solve any problem in a systematic way algorithms are being used. Most of the users are in industry, company, programming, etc. It is also mostly used to solve mathematical problems. Through the algorithm, Facebook, Google Maps, and search engines also work using it.
Computer scientists and software engineers are also using it for makes the work easier and work can be completed in less time
  • A proper algorithm is also used in the flow chart to say that there are no mistakes.
  • Special fields like space research, robots, and artificial intelligence It is also used before writing program algorithms are used.
  • If you are a computer or IT student and you have to write programming, you will see many mistakes.

What are the advantages of algorithms?

  • Algorithms have to be used to solve such small to big problems.
  • Without knowledge of the program, it is easy to understand the program through algorithms.
  • Each step in the algorithm has its own sequence. So it is very easy to decode.
  • Algorithms can be converted to flow charts.
  • Algorithms are actually the heart of potentially powerful technologies, such as artificial intelligence.
Therefore, we are increasing the features of new technology every day. Nowadays it is used in Today algorithms are also used in virtual assistance or autonomous vehicles.


In conclusion, algorithms are an essential process used in the field of information technology to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently. To create an effective algorithm, it is important to consider key features, including inputs, outputs, and control structures. Using examples can help illustrate these features in action and make them easier to understand.


Q. What are the key features of the algorithm in data structure

Ans.  In the data structure, the key features of an algorithm include inputs, outputs, and the use of appropriate data structures to process and store the input data. Data structures such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, and queues are used to organize and manipulate input data efficiently.

Q. What are the key features of the algorithm in C Programming?

Ans.  The key features of algorithms in C include efficient data processing using programming constructs, appropriate use of data types and functions, and the use of pointers for direct memory manipulation.

Q. What are the characteristics of an algorithm?

Ans. An algorithm is a set of instructions used to solve a problem or perform a specific task. The characteristics of an algorithm include being clear, unambiguous, and finite. Clarity is important to ensure that the steps in the algorithm are easy to understand and follow. Ambiguity can cause confusion and errors in the execution of the algorithm. A finite algorithm has a defined endpoint, which ensures that the algorithm will eventually terminate and produce an output


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