Open source software And Importance? Software Freedom Day

Learn about open source software. What are benefits and important of Open source and General Public License .Software Freedom Day celebration.

Open source software

Open source software allows anyone to view, edit and modify the source code in public. The source code is the inward part of the software that users pay attention to. The source code means the working strategy and features of software work. If Source code is not found this is known proprietary software.

The Importance of Open Source Software

What kind of software are you using? How many people use genuine software? It is not known for sure, but more than more percent of computer users use pirated software.

With the exception of a few large banks and international non-governmental organizations, it is difficult to find genuine software on computers.

Nowadays In the Global Market, Eighty (80) percent of Microsoft software is used But while consumer interest is declining, the market for Linux (open source) and Apple is growing. If you look at the mobile OS, then the open source software Android has captured the market.

Benefit from open source software

To develop and solve problems in software, open source software provides a platform for programmers. Programmers analyze and study what new technologies and new features to bring or use in software.

In Open source software, many programmers work together. So quickly solves problems, regularly adds new features, and helps software can run frequently and smoothly. Many programmers work day regularly to find errors in the code, so it is quick and effective.

Where does the open source come from?

Open source software being plays a vital role in our daily life. The term open source has come to be used in the market after many people started not understanding it as free software.

The Open source term came into use after a technology summit held in February 1988. At that time Eric Raymond and Bruce Pence launched the non-profit Open Source Initiative

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) was established by Stallman to promote open software. For example, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are open web browsers that are now famous, But Google Chrome is a modified version.

General Public License (GPL)                                                                       

General Public License is like any figure in the public domain. Public domain means anyone can edit and modify the software. Most open source software uses a different version of the General Public License.

General Public License (GPL) allows programmers to modify and update open source code software. But you modified in General Public it is available to everyone in the market.

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is an annual celebration of the IT sector, which is celebrated for free and open source software. Here free means not free money but also 'Freedom for Proprietary Software.

Similarly, 'non-free software' means that we have to buy it, it cannot be 'shared' with anyone and it cannot be 'modified' for our convenience. For example, Microsoft Windows.

The main thing is that ‘free and open software is prepared in the community with the advice and suggestions of everyone, while close i.e. non-free software is prepared in a closed lab where there is no public participation.

We generally think that when we buy a computer, Microsoft Windows comes for free, but that is not true, which the case with the pirated version is often.

Software Freedom Day was established on August 28, 2004. The June event was attended by 70 teams from around the world. On September 10, 2005, the second Software Freedom Day was celebrated with the participation of more than 300 teams from 60 countries.

Software Freedom Day is celebrated on each year September 19. It is also celebrated in various IT schools or colleges. Along with the Global market, there is also competition in computers and software.

Unhealthy competition has increased with increasing marketing, and users are under indirect pressure to use a particular group of software and computers.

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