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ICT in Education uses technology to enhance teaching, learning and management of schools and colleges. It’s important to create learning environment.

ICT ( Information Communication Technology ) in Education is the most important topic in today’s world. If you want to learn about the importance of ICT education? and how is it used in the education system then you are in right place to know about ICT...ICT In Education

What is ICT in Education?

ICT stands for Information communication technology. It is a set of technologies developed for more efficient information and communication, which has modified both the way of accessing knowledge and human relationships.

ICT has changed the parameters for receiving information through communication technologies like newspapers, radio, and television. The development of the Internet and new technological devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and various Software are available for developing knowledge on interactive and collaborative principles.

ICT Education also plays a role in the overall development of the country. The pace of development of countries with educational manpower is comparatively higher than in other countries. 

ICT in Education refers to all the information and communication technologies from school management to effective teaching and learning tools, software, internet, entire networks, cellphones, video conferencing technology, social media, online classrooms, e-library, etc.

Since information technology has affected the entire field of human life, the world of education cannot remain untouched by it. 

Importance of ICT in Education

ICT has played an important role in teaching in the field of education as new studies and research is being done day by day. At present time the use of ICT has become a basic need for every person.

1. Increase access:

This increases access to information. Teachers and students no longer have to rely on printed books for their educational needs. They can use the internet and websites to meet their needs. Hundreds of people can access any content at any time from any place.
Learning can now be viewed 24 hours a day through online textbooks Due to the technological revolution, there is no longer a need for students to assemble in one location.

2. Increase ineffectiveness:

It enhances students' learning effectiveness. Learning can be made more effective by allowing tutorials, drills, simulations, and educational games to be conducted in one classroom while the teacher is busy teaching in one classroom.

ICT Education can reduce the impact on teaching and learning due to geographical distance or economic reasons or lack of teachers. In remote areas where there is a shortage of elective subject teachers, it has become possible to teach the subject in two or more schools at a time through information and communication technology.

3. To increase the quality of learning:

Teaching can be done effectively through abstract concepts, words, pictures, animations, simulations, etc. It motivates students to learn. ICT education helps in research and exploration word. In their spare time, students can learn basic skills with it. Learning can be strengthened by contacting peers, teachers, and other school teachers.

4. To increase the quality of teaching:

Teaching is a very difficult task. This requires different skills. For this, the teacher has to maintain his professional development continuously in which information and communication technology becomes important tool.

It can be difficult for teachers to explain abstract ideas to students. But with ICT tools like animations, simulations, and three-dimensional objects, these can be taught more effectively.

5. Lifelong learning:

Learning is not limited to schools. Learning must continue for life. For this, learning can be sustained through information and communication technology.

6. To simplify managerial work and planning:

It is easy and simple to do administrative work with the help of IT. It helps managed Details about students, teachers' salaries, income, expenditure statements, etc.

It is used for school records, student details, accounting, results in publication, and creating educational materials. This helps to make the management simple and fast.

7. To acquire skills:

It is useful for creating educational materials, creating teaching plans, learning about new teaching methods, creating lesson plans, and learning new assessment methods and skills.

Benefits Of ICT In Education

The use of ICT facilitates the administration and operation of the process. It serves various areas of life such as public administration, health, education and trade, and even other lines. It also promotes new employment.

The most representative benefit is related to the educational sector. It is safe to say that ICTs had a significant impact on teaching and learning methods. 

ICT provides the teacher with a variety of knowledge and tools to help the student new knowledge. Which has overtaken the traditional method of using blackboards and chalk?

Major benefits of ICT in education

  • They make general use of images, videos, and audiovisual content that promote interactive and dynamic classes. A more enjoyable environment is created for the construction of knowledge.
  •  Forums and social networks can facilitate interaction between teachers and students. This scenario breaks down the physical barrier.
  • They help to get different information from different sources. Review and research of different authors.
  • They give flexibility to the educational process. Through the use of collaborative spaces such as virtual classrooms, ICT allows students to access information outside of class hours. This makes it easier for everyone to become more independent in their teaching process.
  •  Leaving the teaching process in the hands of the student contributes to the strengthening of responsibility and discipline as most classrooms are not rigid. It gives students the freedom to study at their own discretion.
  • It favors network connectivity of various educational centers expands community perceptions and promotes new ways of thinking.

Disadvantages of ICT

In specific areas of education, these disadvantages are linked by the following:

  • The tools and equipment as a platform are constantly changing, signaling an uninterrupted update effort.
  • There is still inequality in access to technology due to factors such as poverty or lack of public education policies.
  • The effectiveness of its use depends on the integration into the school curriculum.
  • Provision of adequate space and equipment is required for the use of ICT
  • Without adequate preparation or well-structured teaching planning by the state, schools, and teachers. ICT can create diversification instead of education.
  •  Increases the risk of personal data exposure.


ICT in education enhances the learning process. It helps and motivates them to learn. In Student's spare time, students can learn basic skills without being strengthened by teachers.ICT is useful for creating educational materials, creating teaching plans, and learning new assessment methods and skills.ICT provides teachers with a variety of knowledge and tools to help the student knowledge. 


1. What are examples of ICT in education?  

   There are many examples of ICT use in education, and some of them are like this.
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • desktop computer
  • Video conferencing Devices
  • Offices Package Software
  • telephones or smartphones

2. What are the elements of ICT?

ICT Elements in Teaching and learning enhance Student performance and they require these basic elements. 
Hardware: Computer, LCD Projector, Input Device, Output Device and  Storage Device, or  Memory Device.
Software: Online application and Operating System
Network: Internet, networking devices

3. What is the main purpose of ICT?

ICT help to get different information from a different source. It makes flexibility in the educational process such as collaboration space virtual classroom and contributes to the strengthening of responsibility and discipline. 


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