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Are you worried that your smartphone is being tracked by hackers? Read on to find out how to protect yourself if cell phone being tracked.

Mobile phones continue to be used for personal as well as professional purposes. While using the phone, you will feel that everything done there is personal.

More commonly, we have the illusion that no one but us knows what's going on with our phones. Here we have given information about how the phone is tracked and how to avoid it.

Tracking mobile phone

Who is tracking the phone?

Phone tracking happens unexpectedly. Researchers say that the phone is tracked due to the location-tracking feature in various apps and operating systems. Because if these features are not available, no one can access the location.

He must have the phone to get access to the location. Likewise, the mobile owner does not get a notification that another person has turned on tracking, which increases the risk of location tracking.

Likewise, if your device is being tracked from where you work. If you are given a phone by the company you work for or if the phone is connected to the corporate network, then the company will track the phone.

Apart from that, it is not possible to see how many of your apps and phone services already have a tracking system. In some cases, these features allow you to see where you are.

However, many may not know that this feature is working in the background in other situations than when the app is opened.

Mobile service providers or internet service providers can also be involved in phone tracking. Because every phone has to send a 'personal identifier' to the cell tower.

A 'personal identifier is a set of personally identifiable information that identifies an individual.

This is an important aspect of connectivity. Because every phone company has to verify that person and their location.

Can you check if your phone is being tracked by someone with a code?

Some people can detect warning signs that the phone is potentially being tracked. For example, they may feel that the phone has changed unexpectedly. In this case, the device becomes slow or fast. However, in all cases, if the phone is slow or fast, it does not mean that it is being tracked.

How to prevent the phone from being tracked?

Stopping the phone from being tracked means taking control of the phone. For that, you can adopt various measures below.

1) Put the phone in airplane mode and turn off the GPS location.

Airplane mode on the phone plays the most important role in preventing the phone from being tracked. Turning on airplane mode prevents cellular and Wi-Fi connections. After turning on airplane mode, your phone will not receive any calls. In addition, the Internet connection is also closed.

After turning off airplane mode, now you need to see if the GPS location is off or not. In some cases, airplane mode turns off the location itself.

2) Engage in the settings of the operating system

People concerned about app-based tracking should be careful with their operating system settings. Recent versions of iOS have a feature to disable tracking in all apps.

Similarly, location can be disabled for single apps as well. Google has recently announced that it will bring a 'Privacy Sandbox' with the same feature for Android, through which only limited personal data is transferred to third parties.

Similarly, in terms of location tracking, it does not give access to other apps.

3) Use a privacy-focused browser

Most users prefer Google Chrome for web browsing. However, they may not know that it is tracking the user's online activities. For this, you can use such browsers, which are trackless. Or you can use a browser that does not track.

These browsers may be suitable for privacy concerns.

  • Brave
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Microsoft Edge

How iPhone is tracked even when it's off?

With technology making new innovations day by day, now even when the mobile is off, it will be tracked, but this feature has been brought to the people who use the iPhone. 

This research was done by the Technical University of Darmstadt (TU)  in Germany. It has been researched and concluded that even if the iPhone mobile is turned off for some reason, the wireless chips connected to it are still active.

Even if the iPhone mobile phone is not charged or turned off or stolen, even if the mobile phone is turned off, the various features connected to the mobile phone will remain in operation for 24 hours

So, The search tool has been searched that can be used to try the mobile phone.

If you are using an iPhone mobile then this feature can be very useful for you.

Who can be at risk of offline hacking?

Offline hacking is not a matter for ordinary users. This is a kind of weakness. The subject of this type of risk can be headaches for users who use jailbreaking devices. 

Jailbreaking is a process in which a mobile device's shortcomings or errors in the device are misused and damage is done by accessing all the features using third-party software.

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