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Today fingerprint sensor has become easy and popular to keep your mobile data safe. Discuss how does a fingerprint sensor work? And it’s feature.


Technology has evolved a lot in the last 8-10 years and the fingerprint sensor has become a common thing now. Every other person who uses a smartphone is connected with this technology. At present, this technology has become so common that people have started considering it as a simple technology, but believe me, friends, this is not a simple technology at all, apart from this, according to the place of their use, and their complexity increases even more.


The fingerprint sensor was first used in 2007 on the Toshiba G500 and Toshiba G900 mobile phones. Apple used a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S in In 2015

Since then, Apple has been putting this option in all its new products. Similarly, Samsung used a fingerprint sensor in its flagship phone Galaxy S5.

In addition, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system has a fingerprint scanner support feature similar to iOS Touch ID.

Since then, Fingerprint has gained popularity among many people. most Android smartphones seem to be attracted to fingerprint scanners. Now a day in the Smart Phone fingerprint sensor has become mandatory for smartphones.

What is  Fingerprint Sensor?

About this technology, A fingerprint sensor is a technology or device that identifies the marks present on the top part of the fingers of your hand. If fingerprints are found then you can enter any device or in your locker, if the marks are not found then it does not allow you to enter.

What is Fingerprint?

The fingerprint sensor works on the fingerprint present in our finger, so before understanding how these sensors work, we have to understand what is duplication? A fingerprint or fingerprint is called the upper part of the finger or thumb of any person on the opposite side of the nail. Fingerprints of every person found in the world are different; this is the only reason why fingerprints are used for identification.

You must have noticed that there are some raised parts and some sunken parts in the fingerprint of your hand. The raised parts are called Ridges and those which are submerged are called Valleys. Only 3 types of fingerprint patterns are found in all the humans found on this earth.

How does a fingerprint sensor work?

Apple's fingerprint-related software is called the Touch ID. The home button of the iPhone has a fingerprint sensor. It is made of laser-cut sapphire (sapphire) which does not get scratched.

The fingerprint scanner may not work properly if it is scratched. Similarly, in Samsung, depending on the model, the fingerprint scanner is placed on the home button or on the back.

Other mobiles also have a front or back. These sensors detect the user’s fingerprint and capture the finger image. Using the fingerprint sensor, users will be able to unlock their mobile in less than a second and will also be able to easily lock or unlock their confidential documents.

How fingerprint sensor works on a smartphone?

Nowadays Companies are bringing new features to keep consumers' mobiles safe. Manufacturers initially used pin codes and passwords to prevent one person's mobile phone from being easily accessed by another.

Later it became customary to lock the pattern. Gradually, in the market fingerprint and face recognition sensors are coming which make them easier to use in daily life.

Fingerprints and face recognitions, such as pin codes, passwords, and patterns, are being used to secure confidential documents, like photos, videos, carrier files, and your mobile data.

Fingerprints have become easy and popular to keep your mobile data safe. Mobile phones can be unlocked using your fingers.

There is no need to memorize passwords or pin codes. There was no fear that anyone would know the password or PIN code. It is easy and safe to use your finger.

The future of fingerprint sensors

Fingerprint sensor technology is considered a convenient and secure technology. Today's mobile buyers are increasingly attracted to this. The use of this technology in mobile phones is increasing as the user attraction increases.

In addition, given the buyers' craze for fingerprint sensors, a large portion of mobile developers seem to be moving towards the development of budget smartphones with fingerprint sensors.

Considered to be state-of-the-art and secure, this fingerprint scanner technology has become an essential technology for mobile security in the days to come, such as pattern loops, pin locks and passwords. 

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